Friday, April 3, 2009

Indian polypill study

The TIPS study was headed by Dr. Prem Pias Dean, SJMCH. Dr. Denis Xavier HOD, Dept of Pharmacology, SJMC And
Dr. Alben Sigamani Trial Manager Division of Clinical Trials St. Johns Research Institute Bangalore.
The concept of Polypill in Cardiovascular Diseases was by Dr. Salim Yusuf (Graduate from St. John's), Now the Director of PHRI Mc. Master university Canada.
The Study was funded by Cadila Pharmaceuticals.
The results of the study are published in Lancet Mar 30th 2009.
This team is now heading forward to conduct one more large clinical outcome based study with polypill, the clinical end points such as All cause mortality and CV mortality. This future study will answer the question such as.
1) Which particular patient can take the poly pill
2) Patient with certain risk factors needs to take which combination of Ploy pill. etc


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