Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drug Prescribing Pattern in Dental Teaching Hospital

MT Salman, FA Khan, SZ Rahman, M Makhdoom. JK Science, Vol. 11 No. 2. 107, April-June 2009
Objective: To study drug prescribing pattern in the Dental OPD.
Methods: 50 prescriptions were collected from Ziauddin Ahmad Dental College, AMU, Aligarh, and analyzed for percentage of drugs prescribed as per VEN Method. We also looked into the percentage of drugs prescribed with generic name, groups of drugs commonly prescribed, antibiotics’ prescription pattern, number of injections and cost per prescription as per WHO basic drug indicators.
Results: The percentage of drugs from Essential Medicines List (EML) was 25%, while percentage of drugs prescribed by Generic Name was only 4%. Most common groups of drugs prescribed by Dental Physicians were Antiseptics (40%), NSAIDs (34%), Antibiotics (30%) and Vitamins (4%). The most extensively prescribed drug from each group was Betadine Gargle, Tablets Voveron, Novaclox and Basiton Forte respectively. The average number of drugs prescribed, number antibiotics prescribed and cost per day per prescription were 3, 1 and Rs. 24.2 respectively.. Average number of antibiotics prescribed per prescription was 1.0. No injection was prescribed to any patient.
Discussion: After reviewing the above prescriptions, the pattern of drug prescribing is not based on WHO criteria for rational use of drugs. The system is not at all evidence based. It is thus necessary to make physicians of Dental College aware about the use of drugs from EMLs, importance of prescribing drugs with generic names and, for patients’ point of view, the factor of cost-effectiveness. There is need of CMEs based on GCP and Standard Treatment Guidelines. Every institution must have Drugs and Therapeutic Committees.
Conclusion: For rational prescribing of drugs, there is a need of mass awareness amongst surgeons about good prescribing habit by following five steps of WHO Program on Rational Use of Drugs (RUD).

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