Thursday, August 6, 2009

'Good Clinical Practices' HelpDesk

The GCP HelpDesk is a support service provided to respond to queries raised by Investigators/Physicians on Good Clinical Practice in Clinical Research. It provides a central point of contact on global GCP issues and ensures that consistent replies are provided to questions. The HelpDesk also allows the users to give their feedback, which will be continuously reviewed in order to improve its services and helps in regularly updating the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) published on its website. In this website you will find Good Clinical Practice (GCP) related information for the Clinical Research Industry professionals on request.

The GCP HelpDesk is designed to provide information for clinical research professionals with questions regarding handling, conducting and managing clinical research as per GCP, FDA and other Regulations. This HelpDesk is aimed to provide transparency from resources and expertise in the field of Clinical Research with the recent developments and changes in the guidelines for clinical research professionals.The GCP HelpDesk is a searchable website that will match the question with solution by industry experts and other dedicated sites to a specific area. Both simple and complicated questions are welcomed.

To create an account and start using the services go to: http://www.gcphelpdesk.com/index.php/component/user/?task=register

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