Monday, February 16, 2009

Online Indian drug resources

the site MedCLIK provides an online drug reference for Indian medicines.

Go to http://www.medclik.com/General/pages/drugmanual/Index.asp and select the criteria for search, Generics or Brands. Then it will ask for login name or email ID. Just put “test” and go on.

In MedCLIK, besides the above information, they also indicate the manufacturers’ name and price. I think it is very helpful. If you know a brand, just key in and you can find the generic name of the drug and the list of brands available for that with price and company information.

Registered medical practitioners can get a free copy of MIMS (Monthly Index of Medical specialities) at the following url http://www.mims-india.com/form.htm. A similar site is CIMS which also gives the different brand names, indications, dosage, ADRs, and a lot. You have to register at http://www.mims.com/membership/Register_LoginUser_WP.aspx

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