Thursday, December 9, 2010

Key findings from American Heart Association (AHA) 2010 scientific sessions

The American Heart Association (AHA) 2010 Scientific Sessions took place in Chicago, Illinois, November 13-17, 2010.
Key trials presented at the sessions include:
  • ADVANCE: New LVAD equivalent to HeartMate II, nonrandomized study shows
  • RAFT: CRT shows survival benefit for patients with class 2 and 3 HF who have low EF and wide QRS
  • EMPHASIS-HF: Eplerenone shows large benefits in milder heart failure
  • ASCEND HF: Nesiritide safe but of limited dyspnea benefit in acute HF
  • ROCKET AF: Rivaroxaban noninferior to warfarin, but superiority analyses at odds
  • CLOSURE I: No overall benefit, no reduction in stroke or TIA with PFO closure
  • GRAVITAS: No benefit of doubling dose in clopidogrel nonresponders
  • P-OM3: Omega-3 PUFA caps don't suppress paroxysmal AF in randomized trial
  • BASKET-PROVE: DES as safe as bare-metal stents in larger coronary arteries, with less TVR 
  • DEFINE: Large effects on LDL and HDL cholesterol with CETP inhibitor anacetrapib
  • SYMPLICITY HTN: Catheter-based renal denervation reduces BP in patients with resistant hypertension
  • ASCOT CRP: Analysis fuels debate over JUPITER-based CRP indication for statins
  • ACT: No benefit of N-acetylcysteine to reduce contrast-induced nephropathy

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