Friday, December 4, 2009

Do Genes influence shopping styles of men and women?

Just went through an article slated for publication in the December issue of the Journal of Social, Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology. The researchers claim that the "reason women love to spend hours browsing in shops while men prefer to be in and out of the high street in minutes is because of their hunter-gathering past". According to the article, "from an evolutionary perspective, it all goes back to the skills that women used for gathering plant foods and the skills that men used for hunting meat. The study examines shopping through the framework of evolutionary psychology to understand why so many more women enjoy spending a day picking through racks of clothes with friends, while most men can't get out of the mall fast enough." For details see 'Genes influence shopping styles of men and women'

Well, I feel the argument is flawed. A person's behavior does not influence his or her genes. It is the other way round. So if primitive women gathered food, it would in no way influence their genes to make their offsprings gather food or search racks. Also even if they did develop such genes, they will be transferred to both their male as well as female children. The same argument can be put forward for men. Why don't we simply say that God put different traits in men and women to make them suitable for different types of activities?

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