Thursday, January 22, 2009

How PharmaLive (Exclusive Pharma search engine) works

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Results are focused specifically on authoritative sources for the pharmaceutical professional. PharmaLiveSearch is aimed specifically at professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and provides several important refinements of the search process that are particularly relevant to pharmaceutical related searches.
Precision-Tuned SearchSearch Scopes
PharmaLiveSearch has three different search scopes from which to choose:
Publisher Recommended Sites” designates a set of more than 25,000,000 documents from more than 2,600 domains and focuses on the most relevant pharmaceutical sites as chosen by the editors. As a result, spam and irrelevant documents have already been filtered.
Search PharmaLive” provides the option to search results within the PharmaLive Website. “Search Web” provides results beyond selected domains, but they are ranked for relevance and filtered for spam.
Search Categories
Within each scope you can search by categories, represented by tabs at the top of the search results. PharmaLiveSearch sorts results into different categories based on the type of information source.
Categories within the Publisher Recommended Sites include:
Companies (results from the top pharmaceutical companies in the industry)
Government (results from top drug sites)
Research and Development (results from drug research organizations)
Media (results from top journals and pharmaceutical publications)
Associations (results from various health and medical related organizations)
Main results
The main results for your query are listed in the largest central window of the results page, ranked by relevance to the query and date published. A “P” symbol reflects that the information in the document is password protected and/or requires a subscription. You may need to register with the organization responsible for the Website to get full access to that document. A PDF symbol next to a result shows that page is available in Portable Document Format only.
PharmaLiveSearch filters duplicate records, therefore results initially reported will almost always be greater than the actual number available. To view all results including duplicates, go to the last search results page and click on the link at the bottom of the results.
PharmaLiveSearch is also unique in that it implements knowledge associated with the pharmaceutical industry. It recognizes many industry-specific acronyms (e.g., “FDA”, “ALS”) and industry synonyms (e.g., “high blood pressure” and “hypertension”). It also recognizes more general and specific concepts for many drugs and diseases (e.g., brand names or generic versions of many drugs). This knowledge is used to increase the accuracy of searches, improve displayed results, and retrieve more relevant results.

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